Cultivators and Manufacturers

Benefits of In-House Testing

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Monitor your process in real time
  • Test at different stages to gain valuable insight on your process
  • Perform controlled studies based on changing variables at reduced costs
    • Change in humidity, temperature, nutrients, personnel, etc
    • Change in raw materials, formulation, ingredients, equipment
    • Determine how to create a homogenous product

Potency Testing

We provide a top of the line HPLC on-site, with a fully validated method, training for your team and everything you need to run in-house testing for a low monthly price. The list includes Total THC, Total CBD, D9-THC, D8-THC, CBD, CBDA, THCA, and many more.

Moisture Content

We can equip you with the right moisture content analysis method for your business. Control your drying and curing process by monitoring the moisture content of your harvests.

Process Monitoring

We can help you figure out where along your growing or manufacturing process you are likely to introduce microbial contaminants and teach you how to perform routine swabbing around your facility to mitigate those risks.

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