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Pesticide Analysis

We focus on pesticide analysis, especially in California, because the analysis of pesticides is a complex and troublesome issue that is often not given proper attention. We believe most of the issues associated with pesticide analysis come from weak methods that are not rugged and robust enough to provide consistent, accurate results. 

Training: Sample Preparation or Software

We take great pride and passion for training your staff on sample preparation and data review, using GLP. We provide a training protocol, showcasing where time will be allocated while outlining and accomplishing pre-defined goals and delivering a completed training checklist, acceptable by all accrediting bodies.

SOP and Lab Reports

We can provide or adjust your Standard Operating Procedures for any test, activity, and process in the laboratory. We can customize lab reports for anything analytical process from method validation to monthly QC audits, creating reports appropriate for audits and inspections.

Increase Operation Efficiency

Implement lean management and 6-sigma principles to save time and/or decrease cost. Streamline the sample preparation process to decrease consumable use and save time. Using manufacturing priniciples combined with laboratory experience can provide an optimized analytical equipment setup, with minimized dead space and travel distance.

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