What we do

  • Design, build and validate clinical or cannabis testing laboratories
  • Use Agilent, Shimadzu, Sciex, Waters and Thermo platforms
  • Provide all paperwork for accreditation, which includes CLIA, COLA, CAP and ISO-17025
  • Provide standard operating procedures (SOPs), train employees and much more
  • Set up in-house testing capabilities for cannabis and hemp cultivators and manufactures 

Rather than using ‘copy and paste’ methods, we optimize every compound you want to look for, making it robust and reliable. We also adjust every variable to keep running costs low, without sacrificing quality. 

Why us

  • We ensure transfer of knowledge of laboratory practices to empower lab personnel and operations managers 
  • We custom build labs specific to the regulatory, technical, and personnel requirements
  • We methodically determine the most efficient workflow using 6-sigma principles
  • We provide free support for any method we develop
  • We highly value the importance of our clients success

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